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Kuan Yin of The Lady Ascended Master Series

Kuan Yin is the Chinese Bodhisattva of compassion. She achieved enlightenment long ago but refused to go on to total bliss until all suffering humanity could go with her. Originally depicted as a male who could take many forms, one of them female, she was gradually feminized by Taoistic and Tantric influences into a sympathetic Goddess who would aid women in childbirth and sailors at sea. She fulfilled needs in Chinese religious life similar to those answered by Mother Mary in western culture. Whenever help is needed, Lady Kuan Yin can manifest her calm, loving presence. She brings comfort and inner peace, no matter what the outer circumstances. This portrait of the Lady Ascended Masters Series was created by Celeste Korsholm, Visionary Artist & Author of "Into The Maelstrom: Tales From the Planets, Volume1" - celeste@artsedona.net