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Celeste Korsholm - Visionary Artist
(928) 282 - 1294
Portraits by Celeste

Archangel portraits have been a large part of Celeste's work.  Since the early 1980's, these great beings have appeared in her morning meditations, merged with her auric field, communicated their individual purpose and focus, and remained with her until she could paint their portraits.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL was the first archangel to announce his presence by filling her entire house with tremendous power and glory.  Celeste felt completely awed.  How could she ever capture this energy on canvas?

In the Bible, Archangel Michael is one of the few angels mentioned in Revelations by name when he and his warrior angels are given the task to cast Lucifer's legions out of heaven.  Traditionally, Michael is depicted wearing golden armour, holding a sword and standing over a fallen serpent.

Celeste's painting represents Michael as a powerful symbol of transformation.  His flaming sword lifts up a sad Mother Earth.  He stands on the green serpent, representing the fallen angels.  The serpent spirals up to become the eagle, a symbol of spiritual freedom.  His fiery presence transforms the red bull, man's animal nature into light.  It demonstrates the rising of the fallen, denser frequencies to higher states of consciousness.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL was the second archangel to appear to Celeste.  Raphael, meaning, "God has healed," is the archangel of healing.  He works on the fifth, green ray of healing and scientific development.  He is mentioned in the Apocryphal Book of Tobit  where he heals Tobit of blindness.

Celeste depicts Raphael in the double helix.  On the scroll of revelation he points to one of the sacred names of God, "YHWH" or "Yahweh."  This symbolizes the healing that takes place when we align with the harmonious vibration of God.  All discord disappears and truth is revealed.

ARCHANGEL URIEL next appeared to Celeste for his portrait.  Uriel means, "fire of God."  He works with Lady Master Nada on the sixth, blue ray of devotion to service and peace.  He is the leader of the angelic order of Seraphim.  In the Talmud, Uriel stands in front of the Throne of God, bringing the knowledge of God to men.

Celeste painted Uriel as the overlighting angel of the threshold between dimensions.  He lovingly watches a young couple set out on an Earth cycle, recording their evolutionary progress.  When the couple gains enough love and wisdom in their physical human incarnations, they will pass on to higher realms to continue their eternal life.