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Celeste Korsholm - Visionary Artist
(928) 282 - 1294

Fascinating past life patterns are revealed when Celeste focuses on spiritual portraits for couples.  Find out what past life adventures and challenges have forged the bonds of love between you and what unresolved karma brings you together again in this life.

Discover your potential for sharing deeper understanding and complete acceptance of each other. 

Celeste's visionary pastel drawings and clairvoyant readings remind you that love can heal any physical, emotional or mental differences and bring you to new heights of shared experiences.

 These spiritual portraits for couples inspire wiser and more deeply loving relationships.  They make unique engagement, wedding and anniversary gifts.   

12" x 18" pastel drawings plus taped clairvoyant readings can be commissioned in person with Celeste, (allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours), or from photographs sent in the mail or via email, (allow two weeks plus mailing time).

Price:  $275