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Soul Portraits

by Celeste

       Spiritual Portraits

With clairvoyant readings/interpretations ss 


Realize your inner beauty, wisdom and power!  

Discover your deepest spiritual essence!

Connect consciously with your Divine Presence!


 Unique gifts for individuals, couples and children 

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A Paranormal Sci-fi Adventure/Romance 



Celestial Soul Portraits are intuitive pastel drawings and clairvoyant readings/interpretations of the soul's wisdom, beauty and love.  Each portrait is a uniquely powerful experience that opens the human heart and mind to clearer communication with Spirit.  Celestial Soul Portraits are inspiring, insightful reminders that you are an ancient, wise soul who has come to this Earth, yet another time, as a light and blessing to the world.

Celeste begins each portrait session, (in person or with the client's photograph), by meditating.  This shifts her focus from the outer, physical world to the inner world of Spirit.  She asks to release anything that is not serving you at this time and invites Spirit to reveal your highest, clearest possible guidance. 

With her highly trained artistic and intuitive skills, Celeste creates a beautiful, powerful, pastel drawing unique to your eternal soul.  Examples can be found throughout this website.

The accompanying clairvoyant reading answers the heart's deepest spiritual questions and explains the significance of all the images, colors and symbols that appear in the portrait.  There is no praise or blame in this information.  The combination of a beautiful, physical drawing and a clairvoyant reading helps you remember that you are more than your physical human ego and body.  You are part of eternal spirit.   


A Celestial Soul Portrait helps you

  • Access the wisdom of your angels and spirit guides.
  • Gain clarity and focus on your spiritual path.
  • Integrate more of your soul consciousness with your personality. 
  • Remember the lessons of past lives.
  • Reveal your soul purpose.
  • Open your heart and mind to your soul's beauty, love and power.
  • Believe in yourself.


Celestial Couple's Portrait

These fascinating, visionary drawings, along with the clairvoyant readings reveal the past life dramas and challenges that have forged a couple's bonds of love.  Becoming conscious of the patterns of their eternal, spiritual relationship   deepens your mutual love, understanding and acceptance.  Celestial couple's portraits make unique engagement, wedding or anniversary gifts.


COUPLE'S PASTEL DRAWING, (12" x 17"), $300

GIFT PORTRAITS are available for both of the above.


Celestial Soul Portraits can be commissioned in all of the following ways: 

l.  Schedule a private appointment in person in Sedona with Celeste:

     Call 928-282-1294

2.  Send a digital photograph, the name, birthdate and return address of the

      client to celeste@artsedona.net and pay on Zelle via this website,


 3.  Send a check, return address and the individual's or couple's photograph via regular

      mail to the following: 

     Celeste Korsholm 

     450 Mountain Shadows Dr.,

     Sedona, AZ 86336.

What Clients Say About Celeste's Portraits:

"Celeste gave me a rich feeling of being deeply acknowledged and appreciated for who I am and for the work that I do in the world. It was a fabulous experience that I will treasure for a lifetime. The portrait moves me beyond words."  Jim from Texas

"I was very delighted, impressed and grateful to be able to enjoy and learn from your work. It is so full of wisdom, peace and love."  Bob from New Mexico

"Your beautiful portrait is a daily inspiration to help me walk on my spiritual path."  Karin from Oklahoma


 A Visionary History of Earth

And the Solar System

Tales From the Planets

Volume I

By Celeste Korsholm

     Eons ago, when Planet Earth was known as Planet Maldek, an epic battle between the sexes plunged Earth/Maldek into a destructive whirlpool of nuclear war. This violent conflict between the Athenian female warriors and the Iryan, male-dominated invaders threatened the whole solar system.

    Is there any escape for the two pilots and four social scientists  who are caught too close to this black hole?  Will Cronos, the Planetary Council Ambassador, be able to negotiate a peace settlement in time?   Three, action-packed days of adventure and romance  challenge the courage and resilience of everyone caught in this maelstrom.* Read this exciting, entertaining tale narrated by the individuals who lived it.

*Maelstrom – a noun meaning a violent or turbulent situation; a whirlpool or downward vortex of extraordinary size or violence   


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 Into The Maelstrom: Chapter 1 - TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

Into The Maelstrom: Chapter 2 - THE GAME BEGINS


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