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Soul Portraits

by Celeste

       Spiritual Portraits

With recorded, clairvoyant readings/interpretations ss 


Realize your inner beauty, wisdom and power!  

Discover your deepest spiritual essence!

Connect consciously with your Divine Presence!


 Unique gifts for individuals, couples and children 

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A Paranormal Sci-fi Adventure/Romance 




 A Visionary History of Earth

And the Solar System

Tales From the Planets

Volume I

 By     Celeste Korsholm

       Eons ago, when Planet Earth was known as Planet Maldek, an epic battle between the sexes plunged Earth/Maldek into a destructive whirlpool of nuclear war. This violent conflict between the Athenian female warriors and the Iryan, male-dominated invaders threatened the whole solar system.

       Is there any escape for the two pilots and four social scientists  who are caught too close to this black hole?  Will Cronos, the Planetary Council Ambassador, be able to negotiate a peace settlement in time?   Three, action-packed days of adventure and romance  challenge the courage and resilience of everyone caught in this maelstrom.* Read this exciting, entertaining tale narrated by the individuals who lived it.

*Maelstrom – a noun meaning a violent or turbulent situation; a whirlpool or downward vortex of extraordinary size or violence   


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 Into The Maelstrom: Chapter 1 - TIME TO SAY GOODBYE 

Into The Maelstrom: Chapter 2 - THE GAME BEGINS


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