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What is a celestial portrait?

Celeste begins each portrait session, (in person or with a photograph), by meditating.  This shifts her focus from the outer, physical world to the inner world of Spirit.  She invites your highest, clearest, spirit guidance to answer the questions in your heart and give you the guidance you seek at this time.  

With her trained artistic skills, Celeste portrays realistic impressions of the beauty, wisdom and power of your eternal soul.  The accompanying recorded interpretation explains the significance of all the images, colors and symbols.  Celestial portraits remind you of your eternal spirit with all its creative gifts and loving purpose.

How does a celestial portrait benefit me?

A celestial portrait benefits you by:

  • Accessing the wisdom of your angels and spirit guides.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Celebrating your divine beauty, wisdom and power.
  • Gaining clarity and focus on your spiritual path.
  • Integrating more of your soul consciousness into your human ego. 
  • Opening your heart.
  • Remembering the lessons of past lives.
  • Revealing your soul purpose. 

What is a couple's celestial portrait?

Celestial Couple's Portrait is a beautiful visionary creation plus a clairvoyant reading focused on the eternal spiritual meaning and purpose of the couple's relationship.   It reveals the past life dramas that have forged bonds of love and clairifies the unfinished karmic patterns that bring them together again in this life.  Such conscious awareness deepens love and mutual acceptance.  It supports each partner in realizing his/her highest spiritual potential.

Do you do children's portraits?

Yes!  Babies and children may be in small bodies, but they are wise and ancient souls who have come to earth to bless and shine light on all of humanity.   Children's soul portraits are reminders to their parents to look at their child through the eyes of Spirit, to help them discover their innate talents and abilities and to realize their highest spiritual potential.  

Can I give celestial portraits as gifts?

Yes!  Celestial portraits are uniquely personal gifts of a lifetime, perfect for special occassions of all kinds:  birthdays, new babies, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.  They enrich the heart and soul. 

Portraits may be done in person or from a photograph, by mail or email.  Just follow the "How to Order" instructions.  Send a photo, name, birthdate and return address of the client either by mail or email to Celeste   Click on the "Gift Certificate" Page to print out the gift certificate and write a personal message.

How long does it take for an in-person celestial portrait session?

An individual celestial portrait session normally lasts one hour.  Couple portraits require two hours.  If time permits, Celeste prefers to begin couple portraits with a half hour interview, create the drawing in her own time, then schedule a later, forty-five minute meeting to see the completed portrait and receive the taped interpretation/reading.  

How long will it take to receive my celestial portrait through the mail?

Normally, your celestial portrait is completed within two weeks of receiving the photo and the payment.  Add seven to ten business days for mailing.

Can the order be rushed?

Yes!  For an additional $25.00, as soon as Celeste receives the photograph and payment, she will complete the portrait and interpretation, ship the portrait in three days and email or overnight ship the drawing. 

Does Celeste travel to do portraits?

Yes!  Celeste travels all over the United States to do portraits.  See her itinerary page to find out when she will be in your area.  If you would like to sponsor Celeste to work in your area, contact her for details.