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Celeste Korsholm - Visionary Artist
(928) 282 - 1294

     Many ascended masters have appeared to Celeste in her meditations and remained with her until she was able to paint or draw their portraits.  Twelve masters of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light, the multi-dimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic organization which serves the divine cosmic plan in this universe first appeared to her in 1981. 

     As a metaphysical novice, Celeste was awestruck by the powerful love radiating from these tall, luminous beings.  The twelve ascended masters stood in a circle with their right hands on each other's shoulders and their left hands stretched out to bless the Earth.  They introduced themselves as the Brotherhood of Light, (a term she had never heard before), and announced that it was time for her to paint their portraits.  Feeling completely inadequate, Celeste protested.  Their reply was a wave of love so strong that she could only nod her head in acceptance.

     True to their promise, the twelve ascended masters began to appear in her morning meditations.  One-by-one, over the next six months, they joined her energy field.  Each one telepathically communicated his/her identity, individual focus and function.  Celeste was immersed in their radiance, wisdom and love.  She laughed, cried and felt her heart and mind dramatically expand within their high frequencies of light.

     Each master remained with the artist for as long as it took to complete the portrait.  Sometimes it required days, sometimes weeks for her to recreate on convas physical, third-dimensional impressions of these high vibrational energies.  Through all Celeste's doubts and frustrations, the masters calmly, patiently encouraged her, saying, "Just keep trying.  You can do this." 

     The finsihed oil painting entitled, "The Brotherhood of Light" is the final result of this inter-dimensional group project.  (See the example at top right of this page.)  The following twelve masters are described in the order of their appearance.  

BUDDHA, painted in the gold ray at 1 o'clock, was the first ascended master to appear for his portrait.  He became the 28th Buddha in approximately 540 BC and taught the eight-fold path to God through the wisdom of the middle way.  Now the Lord of the Spiritual Sun in our solar system, he expresses himself with a wonderful sense of humor.  The Buddha's annual return to Earth at the full moon in Taurus, (April), is celebrated as the Wesakfeast.

EL MORYA, at 2 o'clock, is the Chohan of the first red ray of the warrior.  At the beginning of the Christian era, he was known as Melchior, the first Wise Man.  He also incarnated as King Arthur in the 6th century in England and later as Akbar, the greatest Mogul Emperor in the 16th century in India.  El Morya's teaching through Madam Blavatsky helped to establish the Theosophical Society in 1875.

HILARION, at 3 o'clock, incarnated as Paul, the Apostle, who established the Christian Religion after the crucifixion of Jesus.  He is the Chohan of the fifth ray of truth and illumination.  From Hilarion, M. B. Cooke received a whole series of powerful, channeled books such as "Dark Robes, Dark Brothers."

ISIS, at 4 o'clock, was an Egyptian goddess, the wife and sister of Osiris and the mother of Horus.  She represented the divine feminine power in Egyptian mythology.  Her cult flourished for over 3,000 years.  Like the Greek goddess, Dememter, Isis is associated with fertiliy and Mother Nature.

PAUL, THE VENETIAN, at 5 o'clock, is the Chohan of the third ray of love.  His best known incarnation was as Paul Veronese, an Italian Renaissance painter who ascended in 1588.  He was considered a spiritual revolutionary who broke away from traditional religious art.  He saw beauty as the most powerful catalyst for enlightment. 

ST. GERMAIN, at 6 o'clock in the violet ray, served for long ages as the Chohan of the seventh ray of transformation.  More recently, he has taken on the responsibility as the Maha Chohan for the Eighth Rainbow Ray, the builder of civilizations.  In the painting, he appears as Christopher Columbus, one of his many incarnations.  In each of his human lives, he dedicated himself to teaching the ancient wisdom of the Melchizedek teachers, bringing forth the Christ Light and fighting for freedom.  His name, St. Germain, comes from his life as an alchemist of great wealth and power who advised three generations of French kings, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. He never seemed to age as he mysteriously came and went from the court.  He was also a major spiritual influence and guide for the American founding fathers as they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

SERAPIS BEY, at 7 o'clock, is the master of the fourth crystal ray of ascension.  In Hebrew, Serapis is written "Saraph," meaning "to blaze out."  It gives its name to the Seraphim, the highest order of angels.  He is the son of Sanat Kumara and Sybele, Lady Venus, the Lord and Lady of Venus.  Serapis began to incarnate during Atlantean times and became a master of ascension.  Before its final destruction, he left Atlantis and took the ascension flame to Luxor, Egypt, where he established an etheric city and later began to incarnate.  He built a temple in Luxor as a mystery school of spiritual initiation and healing through the creative arts, music, dance, drama, painting and sculture.  In modern times, Serapis moved his etheric city and ascension flame from Egypt to Sedona, Arizona, where he continues to serve the Earth's evolution.

MOTHER MARY, depicted at 8 o'clock, in the blue ray, ascended after her lifetime as the mother of Jesus.  She serves as the head of the Sisterhood of the Rose, a secret feminine chapter of the Brotherhood of Light which was created by the Essenes. The rose symbol was used by the Sisterhood much as the Brotherhood used the scarab.  It identified them as members of the secret order.  Anyone who carried a rose could be trusted and should be assisted in every possible way by the other initiates.  The masters knew that character and consciousness, not sex or race, determined one's integrity and place in hierarchy.  The leaders of the male orders of the Brotherhood, such as the Masons, were always aware of the existence of the female orders and respected their rose symbol.  Through the ages, the rose remained a powerful emblem of the spiritual hierarchy.  The Rosicrucians and St. Germain, for example, included the rose in their identifying symbols.

KUTHUMI, at 9 o'clock

KING DAVID, at 10 o'clock

CELESTE, at 11 o'clock

JESUS/SANANDA, at 12 o'clock