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Ordering a Soul Portrait is easy!

Step 1.  Choose which type of portrait you want:

  • (a)  Individual portrait
  • (b)  Couple's portrait
  • (c)  Child's portrait 
  • (d)  Gift certificate
  • (e)  Skype portrait  

Individual Portrait Drawing

11" x 14" Visionary pastel drawing + redorded clairvoyant reading. 


Individual Portrait Painting

24" x 30" Individual Visionary Portrait Painting plus recorded clairvoyant reading.


Couple's Portrait Drawing

12" x 17" visionary pastel couple's portrait + recorded clairvoyant reading.


Couple's Portrait Painting

24" x 30" Visionary couple's painting plus recorded clairvoyant reading.


Child's Portrait Drawing

11" x 14" Visionary Pastel Drawing plus a printed interpretation for children.


Portrait Gift Certificate For Individuals


Portrait Gift Certificate For Couples


Skype Soul Portrait of Individual


Skype Soul Portrait for Couple


Step 2.  Send a good photograph, name and birthdate of the client(s).

  • Email Celeste a JPEG photo and details at celeste@artsedona.net or
  • Snail mail a photo print and details to:                                                          

                 Celeste Korsholm,                                                                                        

            450 Mt. Shadows Dr.,                                                                                

            Sedona, AZ 86336

 Step 3. Decide how you want the portrait returned to you:

  • Via JPEG
  • Via snail mail - (Add postage)  

Step 4.   Fill out the order form.

  • Pay by PayPal  or
  • Send a check or money order to:                                                            

                Celeste Korsholm,                                                                                       

             450 Mt. Shadows Dr.,                                                                                  

             Sedona, AZ 86336