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Celeste Korsholm - Visionary Artist
(928) 282 - 1294
Visionary Artist of Sedona, Arizona

     Celeste Korsholm is an internationally known visionary artist, teacher and published writer with a Masters Degree in Fine Art. She has traveled the world studying and developing her artistic skills and intuitive gifts.  Her soul portraits, original paintings and published writings bring the cosmic beauty, universal wisdom and unconditional love of Spirit into human awareness.  Celeste inspires a deep communion with the eternal, divine spirit.

      "As a visionary artist, I seek to express timeless beauty and spiritual values.  I fill my paintings with radiant beings, mythological creatures, enchanted landscapes and starry skies.  I focus on joyful, harmonious images that uplift and empower the human spirit."


     Celeste began to develop her unique visionary painting style in 1981.  She learned to enter a meditative state and let the images flow directly from Spirit in a conscious channeling process.  It took many years for her to feel comfortable with this paranormal process.  At first, Celeste did not understand what was happening when she spontaneously went into a trance and spirit artists used her physical body to draw or paint.  Returning to normal consciousness, she would discover that hours had passed in which she had created breathtakingly beautiful artwork.  The paintings had a new power and energy that she did not recognize as her own.  Even so, Celeste did  not like the idea that some unknown force was controling her mind and body.    

      For both the artists in spirit and Celeste, it was a learning process.  Artists in higher dimensions may not have physical bodies, but they can still have very strong personalities. Some want to take over the creative process and do it their way.   As a trained artist, Celeste has her own ideas about how to draw the images she is seeing with her inner sight.  She is not willing to go into a trance and completely surrender her consciousness to an outside force.  Both sides of the veil have had to learn more patience and a willingness to  co-operate.  Some  of the artists in spirit who have attempted to work through Celeste have given up in frustration.  The ones who continue to work most compatibly with her are individuals from her soul group and old friends from past lives.  Leonardo Da Vinci, Wassily Kandinsky and William Blake are some of the more well-known spirit guides who work with Celeste.   Together, they have developed a comfortable working partnership.