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Celeste Korsholm - Visionary Artist
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Zoroaster of the Ascended Master Series

Zoroaster of the Ascended Master Series

Zoroaster was the priest/reformer who converted ancient Persian kings to monotheism in 600 B.C. His teachings about heaven and hell, the struggle between good and evil, and the seven archangels influenced the Jews during their Babylonian captivity, and became a part of Judaism. His sacred fire ceremony is still practiced in India by modern Zoroastrians, the Parsi. As the representative of Saturn on the Planetary Council, Zoroaster is concerned with structure, responsibility, order and destiny. Saturn is the university center of the solar system where souls preparing for incarnation go for instruction. This portrait of the Ascended Masters Series was created by Celeste Korsholm, Visionary Artist & Author of "Into The Maelstrom: Tales From the Planets, Volume1" - celeste@artsedona.net