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Lady Rowena of The Lady Ascended Master Series

The name Rowena is familiar as a lady in King Arthur's court. Her name is also listed as ascended master in Samuel George Partridge's book, "Golden Moments with the Ascended Masters," on the third ray of love, cohesion, and gratitude. She is associated with the medieval mystic and reformer, St. Theresa of Avila, who founded Carmelite convents in Spain. She is believed in absolute poverty, chastity, and obedience in selfess service to God. Lady Rowena wears a Celtic cross on her medieval headdress. Her deep, dark eyes seem to pierce through all defenses to the soul. She encourages others to follow her path of self-discipline to mastery. This portrait of the Lady Ascended Masters Series was created by Celeste Korsholm, Visionary Artist & Author of "Into The Maelstrom: Tales From the Planets, Volume1" - celeste@artsedona.net